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Chimney Repair in Suffolk County Long Island NY.
By CSI Chimney Sweep and Repair
Many of long island brick chimneys were constructed during the housing boom fifty years ago. Most homeowners believed brick chimneys were indestructible and needed no maintenance. And why would they think otherwise? Back then Chimney Sweeps were just starting to make a comeback, there was not a lot of literature around to the contrary and what was available was not as easy as turning on your computer and Goggleing
so there was no one to educate new homeowners about the need for proper chimney maintanance and safety.

Now fifty some what years later most of those original homeowners have sold those homes and retired in warmer more economical areas of the country leaving the new home buyers to deal with the crumbling chimneys of the past.

Home prices on long island are at record highs with very little end in sight..many first time home buyers have to save for years and still can barley scrape by. So when you finally buy your new home there is very little money left in the budget for renovations and those little thing that have a way of popping up. The chimney might of had a couple loose bricks maybe a missing rain cap, maybe your not sure when the last time the chimney was professionally inspected so no big deal right? "I can put it off for another year or two." "After all the chimney lasted this long." Putting off chimney repairs ends costing a lot more then if you would have identified and fixed the problem when it first showed up.

Chimneys need to be inspected annually and cleaned and repaired as needed. Some chimney repair issues will be easy to spot for the average homeowner and will show signs of problems before things get to bad (costly) and then there are those chimney problems that you the homeowner don’t see maybe because it started at the top of the chimney which is out of sight and not accessible to you. This is were a professional chimney inspection would have come in handy. Homeowners for the most part have very little knowledge of how chimneys are built and operate, sure you know the smoke goes up and out the top of the chimney but I am talking about the science behind how chimneys work, even less have the expertise or time to attempt to do chimney repairs for themselves. Have your chimney inspected annually by CSI a licensed and certified chimney sweep. In most instances this will save you time and money. Some common chimney repair issues are a cracked chimney crown, broken or loose bricks, eroded mortar joints, chimney flashing leaking, missing or damaged rain cap all these re easy  for a professional chimney sweep like CSI to identify and make suggestions for the correct course of action to remedy.

We recommend you use only chimney sweeps that are certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). Be sure to ask for references and check to see if your contractor is licensed and insured. CSI chimney sweep and repair meets and exceeds these recommendations.

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